Starbuzz Tobacco has been dedicated to providing the highest quality of products in all aspects of the hookah industry since 2005.  Starbuzz has become notorious for its discriminating flavors, and with the introduction of the BOLD line in 2010, we have grown even stronger.  Our core motive is to ensure all of our customers have an amazing smoking experience.  We have focused on creating products that have been vigorously tested to bring you a sense of satisfaction that no other brand can.  Having pride in the age-old tradition and infusing it with modern flair is how Starbuzz has come to develop this world-renowned brand.


Starbuzz tobacco opens and begins to revolutionize the hookah industry


The launch of extremely successful Blue Mist flavor, and the milestone of selling our 1 millionth can


Launch of the award-winning product the Starbuzz E-Hose. This would be the start of our success in electronics, sparking the creation of the Wireless Shisha and Wireless Shisha Mini


Introduces Vintage dark leaf tobacco line. Custom blend of natural dark leaves shakes the industry to appeal to more matured enthusiasts.